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LaMotte Company  New Products

 New Products

Arsenic Test

Arsenic Test - The procedure detects inorganic As+3 and As+5 by converting these to arsine gas, which produces a yellow to brown color on a test strip.

Tracer PockeTester

Tracer PockeTester - The world's first pocket-sized ISE meter for measuring chlorine directly in parts per million.

COD PLUS - The user-friendly COD PLUS Colorimeter is direct reading for on-site water analyses.

SMART2 Colorimeter

Tracer PockeTester

COD Heater Blocks - Perfect for COD testing PLUS other tests requiring digestion.

SMART2 Colorimeter - One compact colorimeter does it all!

SMART2 Colorimeter

Urban Water Quality Test Kit

Urban Water Quality Test Kit - This kit provides a hands-on introduction to the basic concepts of water chemistry and environmental awareness in urban areas.

Funky Faucet Sink Science - Explore what’s coming out of your funky faucet! Test tap water for pH, chlorine, hardness, copper, and iron.

Funky Faucet Sink Science


TEACH Kit - Try this combo pack of test strips to develop an early understanding of drinking water quality.

Nitty Gritty Soil Science Kit - A great introduction to the basic concepts of soil science. Instructions for cool science experiments and “just for fun” activities, games, and internet connections are included.

Nitty Gritty Soil Science Kit

pH Plus Direct Meter

pH Plus Direct Meter - Allows the analyst to use ISEs to read concentration in ppm. The microprocessor makes the unit easy to use in any test mode.

InstaTest® Sodium Chloride - Test for measuring Sodium Chloride in salt water pools with the range 1,000 to 4,000 ppm.

InstaTestR Sodium Chloride

SMARTR Spectro Spectrophotometer

SMART® Spectro Spectrophotometer - This portable spectrophotometer is easier to use and more accurate than anything in its price range.

The InstaTest® 5 Pool and Spa Owner's Handbook - The 32-page handbook is designed for the pool and spa owner.

The InstaTestR 5 Pool and Spa Owner's Handbook

The New & Blue

The New & Blue - LaMotte Company is proud to introduce two new, custom designed test kit boxes for our standard line of compact test kits.

Multi-Range COD Reagents - Measure low, medium or high levels of Chemical Oxygen Demand using your choice of mercury (USEPA approved method) or non-mercury reagent systems.

Multi-Range COD Reagents

Direct Reading Titrators

Direct Reading Titrators - LaMotte Company is pleased to introduce all-new Direct Reading Titrators.

LaMotte Company

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